Enjoy the delights of Estonian gastronomy – the richness of this intriguing and inspiring cuisine. Estonia is becoming a new culinary hot-spot destination for those who look for something new and exiting!

Our exclusive gourmet & culture tour takes you around Estonia offering authentic cuisine experience and also an interesting overview of Estonian cultural landmarks, traditions and intact nature.

Starting from the medieval charm of Tallinn and taking part of the Hanseatic League feasts you will move on to modern Estonian cuisine and learn some secrets from Estonian chefs.

Travelling along the idyllic fisherman villages, you will be invited to a true Estonian home restaurant to taste fish being caught by local fisherman this very morning. The trip will continue through Estonian renovated manor houses, presenting the Baltic-German history, Russian old believers and Setos -an ethnical group with rich cultural heritage and taste their characteristic cuisine. 

From aristocratic fine dining in a castle in Eastern Estonia, to a more rustic local rye restaurant in Southern Estonia, you will also have a chance to savour organic food at Estonian own St. Tropez – the summer capital Pärnu, and visit Tchaikovsky’s favourite seaside town Haapsalu while enjoying an Estonian Art Gallery together with an exciting gastronomy experience. 



Estonian culinary adventure starts in the afternoon, in the capital, Tallinn! With your host, take the first glimpse of this historically rich and characteristic city and its medieval authentic Unesco Heritage Site Old Town - centuries old cobblestoned streets, merchant houses and squares that take you back to the true medieval atmosphere.

To truly experience the medieval atmosphere, your welcome dinner will be served in “Olde Hansa” – one of the most fascinating restaurants in Tallinn. Honoring the Hanseatic League and the golden age of Tallinn, “Olde Hansa” proposes a true medieval gourmet experience. Feeling yourself at home in the rich merchant house while tasting delicious food gives a perfect conclusion to your gourmet experience.

Olde Hansa Culinary Highlights: Oven-baked herb and juniper cheese, Earl’s pickled cucumbers Livonian style, London merchant’s saffron pickles, Salmon in nut sauce 
Arabian fillets in fig sauce, Bear Marinated in rare spices and cooked over a fire in honour of Waldemar II, the King of Denmark Honourable cook Frederic’s game sausages made from Bear, Wild Boar and Elk, Wild Birds favoured by Saffron, Well-cooked spelt with saffron, Baked smoked-sauerkraut, Crusader’s lentils sauce, Ginger turnip, St.John's cake
Velvet delight of the nobility - Rose pudding savoury, Grandmerchant von Wehren's hunting company's wonderful Rabbit roast, A generous share of the finest elk fillet 
in honour and glory of the noble Master of the Order, Bürgermeister’s game fillet - Game fillet of the season, favourite vegetable dainties of the honourable mayor of Reval Cooked spelt with saffron, delicious spelt cakes with herbs etc.

According to the availability and your preference, you can choose your accommodation  between:
  • the characteristic St Olav Hotel, proposing a perfect union of wooden beamed ceilings, original lime stone, red brick and all modern facilities with competitive prices;
  • the historical estate of the Baron von Stackelberg that offers modern comfort and elegance in a fascinating historical setting;
  •  the aristocratic Savoy Boutique Hotel conveniently located in the heart of the Old Town;
  • the sophisticated Swissotel with breath-taking panoramic views over the medieval old town and the sea;
  • the luxurious Schlössle proposing splendid rooms and suites with unique character
  • As an alternative you can opt for a cosy old town apartment that provides all facilities for maximum comfort and privacy to feel like a true Estonian.

You can continue the evening in with live music of jazz, blues, funky and world rhythms in the company of international crowd in trendy modern Nordic atmosphere of Clazz just a few steps from the Town hall Square! 


Spend a wonderful morning exploring the interesting history and stunning architecture of Tallinn’s Old Town on a 2-hour guided tour.

For lunch, explore innovative and Modern Estonian Cuisine at Kaerajaan. In the modern Estonian cuisine, the rich history has mixed gastronomy components from Danish, Sweden, Russian and German cuisine together with its own unique nuances becoming ultimately enchanting and diverse phenomenon.

After lunch enjoy a walk in the Kadriorg park to see the romantic swan pond, Kadriorg Baroque palace, Peter the First House and modern art museum KUMU. You will also visit the seaside Pirita to see St Bridget Convent, Song Festival Grounds and Pirita Harbor.

Especially for Magic Unica guests an exclusive experience to enjoy Estonian aperitif with kama and other traditional delicacies in the historic Tallinn Song Festival Grounds magnificent Lighthouse where you can enjoy the Surprise Aperitif with a romantic and breath-taking panorama over the harbor and the city of Tallinn!

Tonight you will have the chance to learn something more about the Estonian cuisine and participate in a cooking course and dinner at KÖÖK. The resident chef Tim Bramich uses his travel experiences and back­ground of work­ing in fine din­ing Miche­lin starred restaurants in Lon­don to explain and show you the basics of Estonian cuisine making. After a cou­ple of hours’ work you get to enjoy the fruits of your new culinary skills.

After dinner, enjoy some vibrant nightlife in Tallinn. We will book the best table for you according to your preferences among Tallinn’s best clubs, lounges etc.


Leave the medieval-modern capital of Tallinn behind and hit the culinary road that takes you to the most idyllic fisherman villages and to the panoramic seaside where one can enjoy delicious fresh fish and other gastronomic delights!

For lunch, your driver will take you to “MerMer” home restaurant with a breath-taking seaside panorama. Meet the Jaaniranna family, who have started their home restaurant inspired by their travels through different culinary traditions and bringing it to the Estonian culture context.

MerMer Culinary highlight: prawns on lettuce leaves, spicy tomato soup; flatfish, salmon or whitefish caught by local fisherman; venison, however, if a deer has outsmarted the hunter, it will be replaced by mutton, beef, hare or fowl.

In the afternoon you will visit the Baroque manor houses Palme and Sagadi and your guide will give you an overview of the manor history and the role of the Baltic-German elite in Estonian culture background. You will also find out more about life in the local fishing villages in Käsmu, Vergi.

The dinner will be served at a local traditional tavern to taste some high-quality rustic dinner of traditional local dishes that Estonian ancestors ate.

Culinary highlights: Mulgipuder - a kind of potato mash with sauerkraut and little pieces of pork, served with either herring fillets or mushroom sauce (fresh mushrooms from the forest, during the season) and pickled vegetables.

For the accommodation you can choose between the luxury Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa - a charming manor house with spa facilities, fully renovated or otherwise a characteristic fishing village Viinistu for a more simple and authentic accommodation with breath-taking sea panorama and possibility to explore the local outstanding art museum.

Free dinner according to the choice of your accommodation.


After a replenishing breakfast, enjoy the morning peace and quiet at the idyllic countryside.

For lunch, your driver will take you to Põhjaka Manor Restaurant that gathers 3 great Estonian chefs offering simple and exquisite national cuisine made from local raw ingredients in a homely manor house nostalgic atmosphere.

Põhjaka Culinary highlights: Chicken soup with vegetables and Põhjaka egg noodles, Baltic herring bread, eggs and pickled beetroot, Rabbit liver paté with pumpkin jam and toast, Open vegetable pie with wild mushrooms, Esna goat cheese with tomato compote and toast, Fried Baltic herring tartare sauce and egg, Osso bucco beef, tomato sauce and vegetables, Pork and sauerkraut is always the carrot with mustard, Mutton ragout with vegetables in the oven etc

After lunch you will visit the Russian Old Believers at Lake Peipsi, representing Estonian ethnic richness in their distinct villages and unique culture and the mysterious Onion Road.

The next stop is the aristocratic fairy-tale style neo-gothic Alatskivi castle that welcomes you on the idyllic lake valley being inspired by the British royal family’s Balmoral palace in Scotland!

The Alatskivi Restaurant offers a unique combination of Scottish, Estonian and German gastronomy. Taste fresh pike-perch from Peipus Lake and discover the Scottish Surprise dessert. Alatskivi guarantees a royal dining experience even for the most selective food lovers!

After dinner you will head to Tartu - the intellectual capital of Estonia. Let yourself go in the bohemian aura, friendly mentality and youthful atmosphere. Enjoy cafes and concerts and riverside romance together with many of this city’s young inhabitants and do not forget to take a photo with the famous kissing students sculpture, hear stories of Tartu ghosts, and meet Oscar Wilde!

We have chosen a small cosy Art-Nouveau-style Villa Margherita, just a five-minute walk from the town centre, for a relaxing stay over and a good night sleep  in Tartu.


After a reinvigorating walk along the coast of Emajõgi – the most beloved river in Estonia, that slowly makes its way through the heart of Tartu, you will set off again and head to the Seto Kingdom to taste some characteristic snacks at Seto Tsäimaja. The restaurant is part of the museum giving you an overview of Setos’ rich cultural heritage and life-style. Traditional food is served in the handicraft ceramic dishes and during the meal you can listen to Seto famous songs! Together with the well-prepared and amusing guide, discover the unique language, culture, folklore and lifestyle of Seto people, meet their pagan god of fertility Peko and learn why Setos eat and drink at the graveyards.

For lunch you will head to Sangaste Rye Restaurant to taste rye, one of the basic ingredients in Estonian cuisine. Rye is declared to be Estonian national grain and rye bread the most important national food. Try the oldest known rye sort, Sangaste rye that was cultivated here 130 years ago. Together with the traditional dishes included in the menu, you can also find some dishes that contain rye to a smaller or larger extent.

Sangaste Rye house culinary highlights: pan-seared pork with creamy chanterelle sauce, deep fried potato wadges and green salad, grilled pork-filet, blood-sausage, fried potatoes, sauerkraut, pumpkin-apple salad, Flounder filet crumbed in grated bread, tomatoes with cottage cheese stuffing and boiled potatoes, Salmon fillet, rice, pineapple sauce, pineapple, carrots fried in a wok, fresh salads, Cheese coated grilled pork fillet on roasted bread, potato wedges, horse-radish sauce, fresh salad, Fried pork fillet in ryeflour, smoke-tasted cream sauce, cranberris, chantarelle-vegetable risotto, cream sauce, pumpkin-apple salad, Wholemeal pasta, chicken fillet, vegetable, Sprat, fried potatoes, dill pickle, egg, sour cream and mayonnaise sauce, Salad, cucumber.

You will also visit the exceptional historicist style Sangaste Castle, close to the Latvian boarder, featuring a magnificent ball hall, a gothic-style foyer and an English-style hunting hall. This beautiful castle was inspired by the Windsor Castle in England.

Your trip will continue towards Pärnu. You will also pass by the majestic Taagepera castle. This elegant Art Nouveau castle with its fascinating milieu is one of the most outstanding manors of Southern Estonia and according to many, also in the Baltic States.

Evening arrival to Pärnu, Estonian St Tropez, a lovely summer capital. Dinner in some of the finest Pärnu restaurants recommended according to your gourmet preferences.

Overnight at the charming Art-Nouveau-style Ammende Villa that fascinates with its rich décor, luxury interior and flamboyant park being built by the rich merchant of Pärnu to celebrate his daughter Ammende’s wedding in 1905.


Enjoy some breakfast at the hotel or walk to Mahedik Café that is known for its organic food made from fresh, seasonal and Estonian ingredients, offering healthy diet with also wholegrain bakery products, cakes and gateaux. Perfect place to taste eco-friendly gourmet!

Your guide will show you around in Pärnu – the Estonian summer capital. Enjoy this former wealthy Hanseatic city with its yachting harbour, sandy beaches, beach promenades with many cafes, restaurants, lounges and summer terraces but also world-class spas. 

We highly recommend “Supelsaksad” (Swimming holidaymakers) for lunch as this year the restaurant won the prominent Silverspoon culinary award. Enjoy delicious salads, soups and main courses, freshly baked buns and amazing cakes in cosy and stylish interior with colourful furniture, laces, tablecloths and selected coffee sets.

After lunch you will depart for Estonian island romance – Muhumaa- a picture-postcard island with  lovely juniper alvars, heavenly fishing villages, working windmills and level limestone bedrock that form low hillocks with thatched cottages.  Explore the Koguva, historical fisherman village and its impressive village ensemble with winding and cross-crossing village streets being surrounded by breast-high dry-stone walls.

Then breathe a warm sea-breeze while taking a  delightful walk under the indigenous trees and in the scenic beach of the Pädaste manor park where Neo-Gothic manor house with a number of stylish stone and dolomite buildings like two-storey granary, a cheese factory, a smithy, stable-coach house completes the aristocratic atmosphere.

Enjoy some fine dining at “Alexander” where you will be pampered with delicious food from the Nordic islands, valuing local traditions and the diverse tastes of different seasons. “Alexander” has been selected Estonia's Best Restaurant for the last two years.

Alexander’s culinary highlights: Carefully chosen and even more carefully prepared selection from the few Baltic Sea foods had again made a step forward. Spiced Baltic sprats and smoked cheese and dark bread together with little tricks made the experienced ladies and gentlemen raise their eyebrows with surprise. A small side dish - “kama” cream. “Kama” is the only food that is almost our own. It simply must be served when we represent ourselves somewhere. The taste of “kama” does not directly sweep anybody off their feet. Yet it is certainly exotic.

For accommodation you can choose between the luxurious Pädaste manor, considered the finest in the Baltic countryside. Select a suitable room or a suite in the Manor House, the Carriage House or in the Private Farm House, each of which carry their original character. For a more simple accommodation, opt for a characteristic recreational farmhouse situated in the Muhu countryside and enjoy the serenity and tranquillity with scenic natural beauty of the small island.


Enjoy your relaxing morning and have a walk along the seaside. Who prefers to get to know the local traditions, can participate in the traditional bread making, handicraft making or trying your luck in fishing with a local fisherman. Your guide will also show around and introduce local culture and traditions.

Your late lunch is served at Muhu Kalakohvik (Fish café). Don’t be surprised of this strange name and magic combination of fish that has always been a traditional food on the small Muhu island and coffee that is served to all guests in any Estonian household. Muhu Fish Café offers unforgettable exotic experience in a family dining room where the chef is the mother of the household, and the fish has been caught by the men of the family. The most popular dish is the perch, caught in the same morning. The number of servings depends on the generosity of the sea.

In the afternoon departure back to the mainland and a guided visit of Haapsalu, an idyllic seaside town with charming artist cafes, impressive medieval Castle ruins with a haunting White Lady, seaside panorama boulevards, curative muds and many spas and sanatoriums. Have a glimpse of this St Petersburg nobility favourite city, where the great Pjotr Tchaikovsky wrote some of his music.

For dinner you can try Epp Maria Kokamägi Gallery, Cake and Wine Room - a very cosy and characteristic gallery and cafeteria where one can admire the masterpieces of this unique artist.

After dinner you will take the road back to Tallinn.




Departure dates: This exclusive tour for 4 persons is available according to your request whenever more convenient for you. 

Pricing:  For group of 4 price starting from 1789€* per person

*depending on the choice of your accommodation.

Included in the price: welcoming service at the airport and transfer to the hotel, guided tours & transfers according to the program, ferry tickets, entrance tickets to museums, 7 nights accommodation in double/ twin room, 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners, cooking course, surprise aperitif at Lighthouse, transfer to the airport.

Not included: flight tickets, 3 lunches, 4 dinners



Departure dates: This tour for 10 persons departs every Saturday. The departure at this price is guaranteed only for full groups.

Pricing:  For group of 10 price starting from 1079€* per person

*depending on the choice of your accommodation.

Included in the price: guided tours & transfers according to the program, ferry tickets, entrance tickets to museums, 7 nights accommodation in double/ twin room, 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners, cooking course, surprise aperitif at Lighthouse.

Not included: flight tickets, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, welcoming service and transfer from the airport to hotel and from the hotel to the airport.


Please note that providing all necessary information on the moment of booking will help us create you the most suitable experience according to your wishes. Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed.

Payment Conditions: You will receive an e-mail with specific instructions on the amount and due dates of deposit and final payment together with our cancellation policy. If the payments are not received by the indicated time, the space is automatically released.